Wideband interference across 6m and 4m.

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    I have recently been experiencing dramatic high-level interference from 20MHz up to Band 2. It comes on for periods of a few hours up to a couple of days, so I am guessing it may be a plug-in charger or similar. Attached are before and after spec-an shots with just my 4m vertical as an antenna.

    It is around -93dBm (S9) at 4m and about 8dB higher on 6m. When it is on, it renders 4m completely unusable.

    With multiple sources of interference here from all manner of electrical and electronic equipment, (I have seven next door neighbours around my plot,) I don't even bother to look for it now. I use a remote FM station for the club net and operate SSB from a local hilltop.

    However, the appearance of this latest one has me intrigued (IC7300 screenshot attached). With white noise distributed across 60MHz, it must be pumping out a fair bit of power. Interference on.jpg

    Any thoughts? 73.

    Peter GW4JQP

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  2. Ken G3SDW

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    Hi Peter, i get ask this question nearly every day and the answer is no ,nor can anyone accurately say what it is by just looking at a display no matter what type it is.

    As you rightly said in your post interference here from all manner of electrical and electronic equipment then it could be anything at all, i still get surprised when something new is located.

    It does not matter at all what it is but more to the point of were it is coming from.

    If you think you need to then there are two things you need to do and that is.

    1. Turn off your mains supply and check to see if the problem is still there, we as radio amateurs do generate noise ourselves at times and in several cases that i deal with is the case.

    2. Do a walk about with a portable to try to see what direction it is in which may lead you to its location, then you have the hard bit and thats knocking on the door. and depending on there response then ask them for some help in locating your problem and let them hear what it sounds like, word of warning in no way shape or form accuse them as that will most definitely put there back up and chances are they will slam the door in your face.

    Let me know how you get on, always here to help at all times.
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  3. Ken G3SDW

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    Peter, were are we with this one, have you had any luck locating the offending article?
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    Hi Ken

    From the hours of operation, it looks as though it may have been a cheap mobile phone charger at one of the (seven) next door neighbours.

    It seems now to have expired, thank goodness, so I am back to a slightly more manageable level of interference.


    Peter GW4JQP

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