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    Welcome to the consultation for the Sep-2017 IARU-R1 General Conference
    Overall the process covers three stages:-
    • Stage-1: Call for Inputs (Sep-Dec 2016)
    • Stage-2: Discussion of UK Draft Papers prior to submission (Jan-Apr 2017)
    • Stage-3: Discussion of All Submissions, including from other countries (Summer 2017)
    This is the C4 HF Forum - If you have comments on other matters please use the appropriate forum.
    Topics may include spectrum, IARU-R1 band plans, operating/technical recommendations and IARU contests

    Note also that some topics agreed at the 2016 Interim Meeting will also be endorsed/updated at this event

    Click here for Additional Background on the Conference and the timeline

    Click here for the C4 Papers (two zip files)
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    For info the current list of C4 Papers is:-

    LA17_C4_01: List of Papers
    LA17_C4_02: Agenda – Will be made available on the Conference Server
    LA17_C4_03: C4 - HF Managers Report
    LA17_C4_04: AROS – Region 1 AROS Progress
    LA17_C4_05: IARU position on certain WRC-19 Agenda Items
    LA17_C4_06: EMCOM - Emergency Communications Frequency usage at HF
    LA17_C4_07: NRRL - Background noise measurement campaign
    LA17_C4_08: IRTS - Remote Operation
    LA17_C4_09: DARC- Usage of the new 60 m allocation
    LA17_C4_10: RSGB - Guidelines on the use of the 5 MHz Band
    LA17_C4_11: RSGB - UK Operation at 5 MHz
    LA17_C4_12: EMCOM - Recognition of Emergency Communications in 5 MHz Band plan
    LA17_C4_13: DARC - Differences in Region 1, 2 and 3 in the HF-Band plans
    LA17_C4_14: DARC - Harmonizing the HF band plans in Region 1, 2 and 3
    LA17_C4_15; RSGB - Global Harmonisation of HF Band Plans
    LA17_C4_16: DARC - Disqualification for out of band operation during contests
    LA17_C4_17: ZRS - 10 18 and 24 MHz publicity
    LA17_C4_18: C4 - Beacons below 14 MHz
    LA17_C4_19: Ratification of Recommendations Interim Meeting Vienna 2016
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