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    Welcome to the consultation for the Sep-2017 IARU-R1 General Conference
    Overall the process covers three stages:-
    • Stage-1: Call for Inputs (Sep-Dec 2016)
    • Stage-2: Discussion of UK Draft Papers prior to submission (Jan-Apr 2017)
    • Stage-3: Discussion of All Submissions, including from other countries (Summer 2017)
    This is the C2 Finance/credentials Forum - If you have comments on other matters please use the appropriate forum.
    Topics may include Budget priorities etc but the detail of a particular area (such as EMC, Youth , Development, WRC19 etc are 'policy' matters and thus in the other threads such as C3 etc)

    Click here for Additional Background on the Conference and the timeline
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    Below is a C3 Paper but copied here as it is highly relevant to the C2 budgetting remit

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