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    A large number of members have expressed concern about the announcement this week of this new technology and its potential impact on the amateur bands.

    This combines satellite TV, VDSL Broadband, WiFi and PLT to distribute video to up to 8 devices around the premises including other TV's computers Tablets Phones etc. 4k distribution is planned later next year.
    Members are rightly concerned about this.

    We have been concerned about this emerging technology for some months without knowing the specific details of individual commercial offerings. There is a similar system supplied by BT already not with the same features but similar technology. It uses VDSL to get broadband to the subscriber and then PLT (MIMO in some cases) to pipe video around the premises. With 4K video if PLT is used it has to be MIMO (see Dec Radcom for more details).

    We have one person who finds the interference from PLT prevents the VDSL working properly proved by replacing the PLT with an ethernet cable. Fortunately PLT notches the amateur bands so reducing the interference a lot. We are still concerned about intermodulation effecting the amateur bands.

    A lot of members suffer interference from VDSL2 which is the subject of a separate thread on this forum. We are actively investigating the problems and working with BT have managed to rectify some of the 60 reported cases but not all.

    Members have been asking what the EMC Committee is doing about this new technology.

    We have been active on standards committees trying to get a proper test set up which recognises that mains wiring is not balanced and we are trying to get more representative test setups to measure the radiated emissions. This will impact testing of MIMO PLT if successful.

    We will be requesting from Sky information about the conformance of these devices and also requesting a sample so we can test it. We are trying to find out what devices are used and what steps have been taken to minimise interference.

    I would expect PLT to only become active if the Sky Q mini is used as well as Sky Q hub, these can communicate via WiFi or PLT and provide multiroom distribution.

    We are also active on the standards committees for Draft EN50561-3 which extends PLT to VHF. We are monitoring which extends broadband up to 106MHz. We constantly lobby for Ofcom to enforce current legislation and to extend their powers of enforcement.

    Our main problem is the lack of Volunteer support. We only have 6 people working in these areas.

    If you have any expertise in these areas or know someone who has please contact us we will let you know how you can help.

    If you know more details about the technology please contact us and add to our knowledge base.

    John Rogers M0JAV
    Chairman EMCC
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    A lot of people are saying you cannot turn off Sky Q PLT.
    There is a hidden menu which lets you do this as shown in this video

    Hope that helps
    John Rogers M0JAV
    PS some people claim this does not stop the RFI others say it does.
    Will be interested to hear what happens when members try it.
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    We suspect if PLT is on then it will interfere with the VDSL used for broadband connection to the telephone wire and reduce the data rate achieved.
    This suggestion might encourage your neighbours to turn off the PLT if it is not used which will reduce RFI and increase their Broadband speeds. It will also allow the upstream connection to operate at lower power which will further reduce RFI.
    John Rogers M0JAV
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    This OK John assuming the the owner does not want to use PLT

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