QRM from Crane aircraft warning light

Discussion in 'Interference Problems' started by Dave G3ZGZ, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Dave G3ZGZ

    Dave G3ZGZ New Member

    This could be a long story, but I'll give you the short version now!

    Trying to work 2m TV on 146.5 I have S9+ wide band QRM when beaming SW.

    DF'd it to a United Utilities (water supplier) construction site about 300m from home (Blackpool, Lancs).

    Identified it to the air safety light mounted on the jib of a crane.
    There are two similar cranes on this site and one on another a few miles away.

    The crane is a Kobelco CKE 1350G and CKE900G

    All three do the same.

    QRM covers at least 130 to 160MHz and is "white noise" but when viewed on a SDR shows some peaks that change as the crane jib moves.

    I have contacted the cranes project leader on site and he saw that when the light was turned off the QRM went. I emailed him a summary of what I did to identify the problem.
    That was only last week and no feedback as yet.

    I'd like to know if you have had similar reports and what happened.

    If you want more info I'll be pleased to let you have it.

    Also what would you suggest I do about it?

    Might make an interesting paragraph or two in your EMC column!

    Perfect noise generator mounted on a 30m mast!

    Thanks n 73

  2. Ken G3SDW

    Ken G3SDW Moderator

    My thoughts are in the email i sent you from the help Desk.

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