Q8. Intermediate callsigns and RSLs

Discussion in 'Ofcom Licence Review - Consultation' started by RSGB Forums, Sep 11, 2014.

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  1. RSGB Forums

    RSGB Forums Administrator Staff Member

    Do you agree with Ofcom’s proposal to amend Clause 2(3) of the Licence to require Intermediate licensees to transmit a call sign that reflects the location of their main station?
  2. Gerald Davison

    Gerald Davison New Member

    See my answer to Q7.
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  3. M0LEP

    M0LEP New Member

    This seems to further deepen the confusion the previous suggested change is causing. Again, the change is almost exactly not what's needed.

    73, Rick M0LEP
  4. G4TJC

    G4TJC New Member

    This is a good reason to keep clause 2(2) pretty much as-is. Having the RSI optional for everybody other than intermediate stations is confusing enough.

    Forcing intermediates to use their main station RSI whilst everybody else continues (as surely they will) to use the RSI appropriate to the current location will be completely hopeless.
  5. Andrew Marshall

    Andrew Marshall New Member

    I entirely agree with M0LEP and with G4TJC. The suggested change would cause great confusion. The present format works just fine.
  6. Max M0VNG

    Max M0VNG New Member

    Leave as is, we know it works...
  7. G0DRN - Malc

    G0DRN - Malc New Member

    Must be daft ideas week at Ofcom, it works as it is so why break it!
  8. Trevor Day

    Trevor Day New Member

    Fully concur with all the responses above. Including the one immediately above this!
  9. DrTeeth

    DrTeeth New Member

    I would like to know what made OFCOM give out licences that do not comply with regulations in the first place. Apparently the Intermediate licences do not according to OFCOM.
  10. G4DQB

    G4DQB New Member

    Perhaps I don't get on the air enough but during the 40 years I've held a license I've never heard anyone expressing doubts about how they should identify their stations geographical location. Under the current ( well proven ) system if someone hears me signing GM4DQB they'll know I'm in Scotland and not Leics , unlike the system in USA where call numbers have little bearing on your actual location, hands up all those who've called a KH6 only to find he's in downtown New York ??

    73 de Geoff G4DQB / AD7JC
  11. 2e1avx

    2e1avx New Member

    Please leave it as is. 2e1avx of 22 plus years..
  12. M6UCW

    M6UCW New Member

    Base the RSL on the region the licence holder resided in when the licence was issued and not change it when loving around the country.
    Also QRZ does not recognise when 2E1xxx is changed to 2W1xxx
  13. G3YBY

    G3YBY New Member

    NO. The proposed approach is unhelpful for the reasons given my answer to Q7.

    A sensible approach from a licensee perspective, informed by over half a century custom & practice, would require the RSL applicable to the region in which operation is taking place be inserted between the leading and second digit of Intermediate licence holder call signs. In cases where the licence document issued by Ofcom has incorporated an RSL this should be replaced as appropriate by the RSL allocated to the region in which operation is taking place.

    Ian G3YBY
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  14. Phil GM3ZZA

    Phil GM3ZZA New Member

    No, there should be no difference in usage between 2S and MS calls.
  15. Phil Cooper

    Phil Cooper New Member

    I really can't believe that this is a serious proposal. RSL's are what we are all about. Removing them for some licences and keeping them for Intermediate is pointless.
  16. g6jyb

    g6jyb Moderator Staff Member

    It is clear that the two RSL questions (Q7 & Q8) are creating considerable concern as they have the potential to be disruptive.

    Both are therefore included as key ones in the latest RSGB Guidance at http://rsgb.org/ocguidance

    As you may be aware, we would greatly appreciate a maximum turnout of individual responses to Ofcom....

    best regards

    Murray G6JYB
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