Q6. Identification - transmission of callsigns

Discussion in 'Ofcom Licence Review - Consultation' started by RSGB Forums, Sep 10, 2014.

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  1. RSGB Forums

    RSGB Forums Administrator Staff Member

    Do you agree that Clause 13 of the Licence should be amended to allow for a simpler, more flexible approach for identifying Amateur Radio stations?
  2. Gerald Davison

    Gerald Davison New Member

    No. Keep it at 15 minutes.
    The proposed change still says we have to ensure we keep identifying ourselves, but doesn't state a time. This will just make things more confusing, not less.
  3. Ken G3SDW

    Ken G3SDW Moderator

    As long as they do take notice to the 15 minute rule, for me here recently moving to the East Midlands it seems on VHF for example very few do, it is like listening to CB, one guy comes on to S20 and calls the name of his mate like "Hey John are you there" and nothing else, when the other station comes on they have a chat about everything and nothing and then disappear with no call signs what so ever.

    I think that it does state this 15 minute rule in the BR68 leaflet.
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  4. Gerald Davison

    Gerald Davison New Member

    Well, that is just plain wrong and should be reported and investigated. Regardless of if this rule was amended it will still require stations to appropriately identify themselves.
  5. Ken G3SDW

    Ken G3SDW Moderator

    I have done this and they need me to make a log and identify the stations concerned, this is not as easy as it sounds. And Gerald maybe you could let us know your call sign??
  6. Gerald Davison

    Gerald Davison New Member

    MW0WML. Home QTH is in Mold, N Wales.

    Although I might be becoming M0WML if these proposals go through.

    I am not an RSGB member. Nothing wrong with the RSGB but I'm just already in too many clubs and societies.

    By the way. I only registered on this site today and it asked for my name when I signed up. But then wouldn't let me put my call sign in anywhere.

    Modern etiquette on forums suggests you don't apply signatures to posts. It is considered wasteful of space. Attribution is simply accomplished by looking who posted it on the left.
  7. Ken G3SDW

    Ken G3SDW Moderator

    For me personally it is nice to know who you are talking to by signing with your call sign which i would seriously hope any radio amateur would be proud to do.
  8. Gerald Davison

    Gerald Davison New Member

    Hi Ken, See my Avatar. Name and Callsign (plus an ugly mug).
  9. Gerald Davison

    Gerald Davison New Member

    Oh and I think my initial inability to use my callsign in the sign up has then led to a significant "topic hijack" regarding my identity.
    As you are a Mod Ken can I suggest you delete this and all of my/your posts back to the ones relevant to the topic. Thanks.
  10. g6jyb

    g6jyb Moderator Staff Member


    Just to clarify things Ken is not the moderator for any of these Ofcom review topics. Unfortunately the forum software platform is showing that subtitle from his EMC Forum work (so our Admin and IT guru at HQ will look at that). For the record the official mods for the Licence review are:-
    myself, Stewart Bryant, G3YSX and Graham Coomber G0NBI


    Murray Niman G6JYB, RSGB Spectrum Chair
  11. Ken G3SDW

    Ken G3SDW Moderator

    Thank you Murray for putting that matter straight.

    Ken G3SDW
  12. Max M0VNG

    Max M0VNG New Member

    I totally AGREE!! Some of the practice on 2m frequencies further west is just abysmal, callsigns? Whats one of those? And some purport to be 2E licence holders. Even more when an allocated Raynet frequency is being used for an event, and they seemingly still cannot understand what QSY means, nor study a bandplan...

    The 15 minute rule should stand, if not, it becomes a complete mockery and farce.

  13. G3VGZ

    G3VGZ New Member

    I think they should keep a guideline of 15 minutes, perhaps not in tablets of stone not to be ignored. Perhaps "at frequent intervals. Four times an hour would be reagrded as fulfilling this." We've all forgotten the 15 minutes at times (I certainly have) but we really need to be visible with our identity, for legitimacy and publicity, as well as for ID of QRM.
  14. M0TTB

    M0TTB New Member

    Keep it at 15 minutes, it's not that difficult to get across. Personally speaking, on-air radio discipline is a traditional part of amateur radio and helps instill respect for other licence conditions.
  15. G0DRN - Malc

    G0DRN - Malc New Member

    Agreed keep it at 15 minutes or at least some set time period, too many no seemingly no call sign used at all QSO's going on these days.
  16. G3YRZ

    G3YRZ Member

    My experience on the HF bands, where I listen far more often than I transmit, is that callsigns often seem to be regarded as
    optional. This is particularly the case in ragchew type contacts, where the informality, familiarity and armchair copy perhaps
    creates an atmosphere where the need to comply with licence conditions is forgotten.

    But it also happens in DXing and contests, where the sought after station seems to assume that everyone knows who
    they are. This makes compliance with the DX Code of Conduct - know who you are calling before you call - difficult.

    Apart from the courtesy of letting others know who you are, identification by the authorities if needed is necessary.

    I am not sure what OFCOM are trying to do here. Is this an attempt at deregulation? To let us police ourselves? If so,
    on the basis of current experience it will not get better.

    I strongly believe that there is insufficient enforcement already, and although my interest is in the area of deliberate QRM and
    excessive power well beyond licence limits, it is worth reminding licensees that they should meet international and local
    standards of regulation. I favour a tightening up rather than relaxation of some licence conditions.

    I believe that ideally callsigns should be given at the beginning and end of every over. That is silly in break-in situations and
    nets with short overs, so the question is, should the frequency of callsigns be prescribed or left to individual judgment. On the
    basis of the slackening off in standards evident on the air, I propose that it is prescribed and the present rule is better than

    So, this should be the rule. If a callsign is not given at the beginning and end of each transmission, it must be given at the
    beginning and end of each contact and at intervals of no less than 15 minutes during the contact.

    No change? Fine by me.
  17. Colin Hall

    Colin Hall New Member

    There seems to be unanimity on this subject. Keep the ruling as it is. There is nothing difficult about remembering to identify your station at least once in a 15-minute period. Otherwise, we seem to be approaching the situation where it will be impossible to know whether we are communicating with an unlicensed station or not, something expressly forbidden in the regulations.

    I'll sign this with my callsign, but do feel MW0WML identified himself clearly enough on his 'mug-shot';)

    Colin, GM4JPZ (actually GA4JPZ at the moment)
  18. DrTeeth

    DrTeeth New Member

    I'd keep the regs as they are. Who is going to catch those who do not comply? G3SDW should charge for his time for doing OFCOM's work.

    OT:- Chairman is not sexist - the 'man' comes from the Latin 'manus' meaning 'hand'.
  19. Frank Johnson

    Frank Johnson New Member

    If stations are not obliged to identify themselves with a call-sign, how can anyone tell if they are taking to an unlicensed station?
    (Which I presume will still be illegal).

    Frank, g0gsr
  20. Rob Styles

    Rob Styles New Member

    No more than 15 minutes and at the start and end of a QSO,and checking the frequency is clear.
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