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Discussion in 'Ofcom Licence Review - Consultation' started by RSGB Forums, Sep 10, 2014.

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  1. RSGB Forums

    RSGB Forums Administrator Staff Member

    Do you agree that Clause 15 of the Licence should be updated to reflect the wording included in Ofcom’s General Licence Conditions Booklet?
  2. Gerald Davison

    Gerald Davison New Member

    Seems reasonable. OFCOM can choose to start charging, with or without this change. This just tidies up the wording.
  3. G4XKH

    G4XKH New Member

    Its all fine by me
  4. DrTeeth

    DrTeeth New Member

    Pointless hair splitting...next!
  5. 2e1avx

    2e1avx New Member

    All good if we need to pay in the future..
  6. Rob Styles

    Rob Styles New Member

  7. M6UCW

    M6UCW New Member

    I'd pay a fee if Ofcom policed the bands and dealt with the offenders
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  8. M0RDI

    M0RDI New Member

    :) As above I think a return to a modest annual licence fee would go a long way to ensuring that our bands are protected and that the rules are properly enforced
  9. Simon Brown (G4ELI)

    Simon Brown (G4ELI) New Member

    I also agree to a fee - not the £80 a year I paid in Switzerland but £15 a year and have the RSGB collect it, use this towards EMC / band protection.

    Free is nice but money must be invested in protecting what we have.

    Possible free for < 18 years old / disabled and similar.
  10. Phil Cooper

    Phil Cooper New Member

    Totally agree with the point of view posted by Simon G4ELI.
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