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Discussion in 'Ofcom Licence Review - Consultation' started by RSGB Forums, Sep 10, 2014.

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  1. RSGB Forums

    RSGB Forums Administrator Staff Member

    Do you agree that the word “automatically” should be removed from Clause 4(5) of the Licence, in relation to the revocation of the Licence for failure to comply with the revalidation requirements?
  2. Larry

    Larry New Member

    Yes this permits greater flexibility if one forgets to revalidate or has other issues with the process. I couldn't get on the Ofcom site so phoned. Their software had recorded my e mail address incorrectly but now sorted.

    73 Larry G4GZG
  3. Max M0VNG

    Max M0VNG New Member

    The ofcom system not lapsing passwords after a year would be a great benefit to all...
  4. G4XKH

    G4XKH New Member

    I'm happy with those not re-validating at the appropriate intervals having their licences revoked. How difficult is it to go online, make an email or even pick up the phone ?
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  5. DrTeeth

    DrTeeth New Member

    I revalidate every time I go onto the OFCOM site, several times a year. I do not think the licence should be free anyway, but let's not go there.
  6. 2e1avx

    2e1avx New Member

    I would happily pay for a paper copy / reminder, if say over 3 month or so no online validation has happened?
  7. M6UCW

    M6UCW New Member

    Failure to revalidate a licence every 5 years should result in the licence being revoked. This would also help remove licences from those no longer using them. The fact that a licence can be revalidated at any time and not just at the 5 year mark removed the excuse from people that have issues getting on the site or contacting Ofcom. How hard is it to set a reminder in a calendar or on a phone for every year (or 4.5 years) to do a revalidation?
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  8. G3YRZ

    G3YRZ Member

    I would support an annual renewal fee for the licence, in other words a contribution to OFCOM for services I hope the revenue would enable them to provide. I would pitch this somewhere between £25 and £50 a year, which would raise useful revenue, with special treatment for those with difficulty paying. That would end the "lifetime licence" and this question of automatic revocation for not "revalidating".

    However, on the basis that a lifetime licence remains the way things are, the two things to look at are

    a) what mischief the licence condition (automatic revocation) is intended to avoid.
    b) whether revocation is proportionate to the failure to revalidate.

    The licence already requires changes to be notified at para 6(2):

    "6(2) The Licensee must give immediate notice to Ofcom either in writing or by means of
    Ofcom’s on-line licensing system of any change to the Licensee’s name, Main Station
    Address (or mailing address if different) from that recorded in this Licence. "

    My view is that this is quite enough of a requirement. Tell them of any changes, just as with a driving licence or declaring SORN when taxing a vehicle. OFCOM could take a leaf out of DVLA's book. DVLA now do not require SORN to be re-declared year after year and accept the declaration until such time as the status changes. Why can't OFCOM do this with the lifetime licence - accept there are no changes unless told otherwise.

    I suggest that revocation of a licence is draconian. Imagine having your driving licence revoked just because you delay notifying a change of address or delay notifying NO change of address! It seems pretty clear that to take away someone's licence for delaying in an administrative duty is a disproportionate penalty. Maybe the licence should be suspended. Maybe there should be a fine under OFCOM's power of spot penalties in The Wireless Telegraphy (Fixed Penalty) Regulations 2011. But taking the licence away is too much.

    On this basis I cannot see that automatic revocation avoids any mischief or is proportionate and it should be removed from the licence as unnecessary.
  9. Phil GM3ZZA

    Phil GM3ZZA New Member

    As one who forgot to revalidate, until I got a letter from Ofcom, I prefer the current protocol, so changing the licence to reflect that is good. As it happened I had been QRT for those 6 years so had assumed the licence had been revoked.
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