Q3. Revocation and disqualified people

Discussion in 'Ofcom Licence Review - Consultation' started by RSGB Forums, Sep 10, 2014.

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  1. RSGB Forums

    RSGB Forums Administrator Staff Member

    Do you agree that Ofcom should include a further ground of revocation in the Licence as proposed above in order better to align Clause 4 with the definition of ‘Disqualified Person’?
  2. Peter Chadwick

    Peter Chadwick New Member

    If this is meant to apply for any conviction under the WT Acts and not just an amateur radio offence, it might be felt to be a bit too draconian. However, since a blind eye seems to be turned to many WT Acts offences (e.g. using gain antennas for WiFi or PMR 446 and so exceeding the radiated power limits), it's a power that in all probability will never be used.
  3. DrTeeth

    DrTeeth New Member

    No point in having this if detection and prosecution rates don't increase. Nothing brings the law into disrepute than having regulations made that are then ignored by the authorities.
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  4. M6UCW

    M6UCW New Member

    Agreed on the basis that Ofcom start taking action against offenders of the WT Act whether or not they currently hold a licence since anyone can purchase transmitting equipment.
  5. Phil Cooper

    Phil Cooper New Member

    There are folk in Guernsey who break rules, and I see nothing done about it, so unless Ofcom grow some "proverbials" and actually do something, then this clause is pointless.
  6. steveb1

    steveb1 New Member

    ^The number of UK repeaters that get abused is growing daily, Ofcom should do more to track down the offenders
    and take appropriate action
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