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Discussion in 'Ofcom Licence Review - Consultation' started by RSGB Forums, Sep 10, 2014.

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  1. RSGB Forums

    RSGB Forums Administrator Staff Member

    Do you agree that expressly linking a Full (Club) Licensee’s authorisation to use the spectrum to his or her representation of a named club, and by adding a further ground for revoking the Licence to include circumstances where the licensee no longer represents the club, will help ensure that a club’s call sign remains with the club?
  2. Max M0VNG

    Max M0VNG New Member

    Brilliant. About time that people who take their licence home with them because they happen to hold the callsign for a group/club and refuse to hand it back, are held to account, and cannot defend such petty wilful malicious actions. The same persons should also have their own licence revoked if proven to have done this deliberately and stonewalled in handing back a licence when no longer a paid up member of that organisation.

    This should have been on the books years ago. Time Ofcom got like the FCC and toughened up on such actions.
  3. Trevor Day

    Trevor Day New Member

    Totally agree. Even a very simple request to change the holder of a club call-sign from one person to another, where both parties are in full agreement to the move is overly complex. It currently requires endless form filling, an authorising letter from the current holder and a £20 handling fee! (I speak from current experience attempting to do just that)
  4. G4XKH

    G4XKH New Member

    Excellent idea
  5. G0DRN - Malc

    G0DRN - Malc New Member

    Good idea, at least there is one sensible amendment!
  6. DrTeeth

    DrTeeth New Member

    It is such a good idea, I am surprised that it had not been already implemented.

    73 de Guy G4DWV/4X1LT
  7. Rob Styles

    Rob Styles New Member

    Totally agree !
  8. 2e1avx

    2e1avx New Member

    sounds good to me.
  9. M0MMZ

    M0MMZ New Member

    I'd like to see this go one stage further. We had trouble getting our annual JOTA special event callsign initially from Ofcom because the person that used to hold the callsign is no longer involved. Despite the fact that the registered address was exactly the same as it has always been since the call was first registered.
  10. Clive Widdus BSc

    Clive Widdus BSc New Member

    I would agree with the change, and would like to see it go further by simply having the Club represented by its Full licence holders to be seen as a licence entity.

    The Club Licence could be issued to this entity so that as long as a club has a full licence holder and regardless on the change of club membership the club licences could continue without any RSGB or Ofcom Involvement, and only at the point were the club folded or no more full members existed would the club licences become suspended.
  11. M6UCW

    M6UCW New Member

  12. Phil Cooper

    Phil Cooper New Member

    Totally agree!
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