Ofcom 2nd VDSL Investigation Report published.

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  1. Carl G3XGK

    Carl G3XGK New Member

    Ofcom has recently published (last week) the results of it’s 2nd VDSL RFI investigation.

    It can be viewed here ..


    Interesting reading. It appears that most problems are caused by customer’s wiring, which BT Openreach has told Ofcom it has no control over.

    However, it does have control over the Amateur Radio band 20dB notches which would reduce the noise in the Amateur bands for over 90% of the RSGB survey reported cases to below the background normal noise floor, and was the solution that BT designed into the equipment itself and advised the ITU to included in the ITU international spec G993 to resolve this problem. And would overcome the customer wiring problem listed above.

    This has however been ignored by Ofcom in the report. I wonder why ?

    Although there were 650+ VDSL reports identified by the RSGB in 2017 in their VDSL survey, of which over 1300 took part, it seems Ofcom have only had 30 cases reported in the last 5 years: perhaps if you have VDSL RFI still, it might be time to raise a report online with Ofcom on their website, it only takes a few minutes and a few clicks.

    The Annex to the report has an error, the 160m (1.810-2.000MHz) Amateur Radio band has been omitted from section A3, despite it being clearly in the VDSL2 spectrum (138kHz-17664KHz) in the 998ADE17 plan.


    Carl G3XGK
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  2. G0SZI

    G0SZI New Member

    Hi Carl,
    I believe the reason OFCOM have few reports as VDSL causes very broadband noise it is not always easy to identify in the first instance without the correct knowledge and observations. As given a choice many people will prefer to speak to somebody in person they will telephone OFCOM (as I did) to be told they will not investigate Broadband noise as I was. This leaves you feeling rather helpless and unlikely to submit a complaint. I have telephone wires perpendicular to the ends of my 80 mtr dipole that although not my own cause me a real headache. Many times operation on 80 and 40 mtrs are impossible for me. I have even recently purchased a Ciro Mazzoni Baby loop but although placed a distance from the telephone lines it still causes considerable noise.
    As far as I'm concerned OFCOM are a absolute joke and are not taking action where a clear issues of harmful interference are taking place and to say that customer wiring in the home is beyond their control is a load of twaddle. Enforce the provider of VDSL ensure their provision of a service does not cause interference as you say perhaps by making sure the Amateur bands are completely unused in VDSL modems.

    To say that Against the backdrop of an estimated 25 million VDSL installations, the overall the impact of VDSL remains extremely small. Over the past five years Ofcom has received an average of six complaints a year is in my mind akin to saying
    Stabbing in London are only affecting a very small minority compared to the rest of the population so we won't use our powers to bring the offenders
    in all cases to task.

    A Very Angry G0SZI
  3. Ken G3SDW

    Ken G3SDW Moderator

    Andy i understand what you are saying, but have you spoken the the RSGB EMCC ??
  4. Carl G3XGK

    Carl G3XGK New Member

    Hi Andy

    Sorry to hear about your dealings with Ofcom on the phone.

    I really do think the best way is to fill in their form online.

    It is not difficult to identify VDSL RFI Noise presence, Take a look at RSGB EMC leaflet 15.


    The EMCC also has a program ‘Lelantos’ written by Dr. Martin Sach G8KDF, the current chairman of the EMCC, which they can use to confirm VDSL2 on your radio reception, as Ken will confirm.

    In the RSGB Committee report on page 56 of the April 2019 RadCom it mentions...

    “We still have trouble trying to get Ofcom to respond to cases of HI to the amateur radio service. Having had discussion with other national regulators at international meetings, we are of the view that Ofcom is far worse than average at ignoring HI. Our efforts are therefore directed at raising awareness and empowering our Members to complain convincingly. Ofcom will only respond if they get large numbers of complaints”

    HI is of course Harmful Interference.

    So if those who took part in the VDSL survey and found they had VDSL2 HI problems all complained to Ofcom their remit would be somewhat different than it is in the current report.
    Ofcom will I am sure be aware of the RSGB 2017 VDSL survey report and the numbers, ...but they have not had the direct complaints.

    Have a look at the online form and see what you think Andy.

    Best regards


    Carl G3XGK
  5. Ken G3SDW

    Ken G3SDW Moderator

    Dont know if you have noticed one thing about Ofcoms position on this one.

    Its the very same as when PLT reared its ugly head many years ago, about 2008.

    The word used then and used now is "Proportionality", in a nut shell then loads out there mate but very few complaints.

    Nothing has changed with there position at all.

    Ken G3SDW
  6. Carl G3XGK

    Carl G3XGK New Member

    Hi Ken

    Thank you for your reply and comments.

    Yes, I have noticed the four words they use of which one is Proportionality. These words seem to come from the Communications Act 2003, which describes how Ofcom evaluate complaints.

    However, this covers all Communications; Post, TV programs, Broadband, Telephone and others which Ofcom deal with today.

    But when a TV program is watched by say 10million people, and only a few complain, Ofcom still looks into it.

    There is a big difference between PLT and VDSL as regards Amateur Radio.

    PLT has the Amateur Radio HF bands notched, so you don’t hear any PLT in the HF bands.

    VDSL does not, it goes right across all the HF Amateur radio bands (160M to 20M).

    I don’t know when or who got the PLT ‘notched’ for the Amateur Radio HF bands, but I am guessing it was not Ofcom.

    Best regards


    Carl G3XGK
  7. Ken G3SDW

    Ken G3SDW Moderator

    Thats down to a lot of work behind the scenes Carl, but i am fully aware of the difference with PLT and VDSL, i was just pointing out how Ofcom hide behind words and statements like this.

    They use it to there advantage each and every time.

  8. Carl G3XGK

    Carl G3XGK New Member

    Hi Ken

    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes, I agree they do use this reason time and time again.

    So the way to prevent this is to raise the number of complaints. Hence my mention previous that if the 600 Amateurs who had VDSL RFI problems identified, reported it, then the ‘Proportionality’ part would surely no longer be relevant ?

    The fact that it is appears to be due to apathy on our part.

    Do you happen to know the real reason the PLT Amateur band notches came about and who arranged it ?

    I ask because the technical reason or justification could also be relevant to getting VDSL notched as well.

    Best regards


    Carl G3XGK

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