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Discussion in 'Interference Problems' started by Steven Langton, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. Steven Langton

    Steven Langton New Member

    just lately I ve beenpicking up s9+ of interference on 40 metres during the day sometimes but evening it’s horrendous s8 on 80 metres s9 on 40 s4 on 10 MHz s7 on 20 metres s7 on 17 metres others bands it’s fairly quiet but not today , almost makes it impossible to work any 40 or 80 contacts , any help would be appreciated , thanks Steve 2E0MDM
  2. Ken G3SDW

    Ken G3SDW Moderator

    First of all Steve you need to turn off your mains supply and check with a battery powered receiver, assuming that you have done this already then can you tell me what you have done to try and locate it.
  3. Steven Langton

    Steven Langton New Member

    Well I have disconnected everything in here in sequence , from the top of the house down , all kinds of chargers etc also removed , but nothing really changes that much , we have new neighbours right next door , the house has been
    converted too 6 bedrooms , I am assuming it comes from there as I had nt had an issue before hand , it s mainly the 2 bands that get the worst of it being 80 , 40, and depending of the conditions it sometimes runs across most of the warc bands , some frequencies are unusable to the point unless you are listening to someone running power it’s pointless , I do have a couple of solar lights but these are now virtually finished for this year so I did nt count them in of course .
    When I get the noise it’s like either a solid s9 on ssb am it’s worse maybe into the plus side of the meter , I do have a am /fm type transistor radio with a external antenna and if it’s close I may be lucky I might find something other than that , I may and try a small loop to tie it down if found , thanks for reply by the way , regards steve
  4. Ken G3SDW

    Ken G3SDW Moderator

    Hi Steve, thanks for the info, if i were you just to be on the safe side i would shut off the mains supply and listen on your portable, the reason i say this is that if by any chance you do have to get Ofcom involved and they do find that it is coming from your house then you can expect a hefty bill well over £100.

    Assuming that you still have it after doing that then yes try to DF it, sounds as if it is local to you as often is the case so keep the antenna on your portable as short as possible and as the signal gets stronger reduce it some more until it is totally down assuming at this point you can still hear the noise then you will be on top of it.
    I loop will make it easier to go in the right direction and as you get closer the revert back to the vertical antenna doing what i have previously have said.

    When dealing with neighbors tread lightly, there cooperation will be the key to getting your problem sorted, never accuse but just ask for there assistance in solving your issue.

    Update us here if you could when you have some more info.

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