Jet stream weather charts for Es research - discussion

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  1. Hi Gary,

    Thanks for the feedback. I think last weekend was quite selective, but a lot of Es in the UKSMG for our 6m station at the HF CW NFD site, but only one Es QSO on 10m with IT9 in the NFD itself.

    Anyway, its a Tropo thing for your QSO with JO44xx. There has been widespread Tropo across eastern England and across the North Sea to southern Scandinavia recently. Its a direct result of the very warm humid air from the continent drifting out across a still cool North Sea. This leads to a cool and very moist layer near the surface, overlain by a dry warm layer of air above the temperature inversion; ideal conditions for Tropo. I worked into GM IO86 from JO02 last night in the brief period I had in the shack at the end of the 2m UKAC.

    73 de Jim
  2. Wednesday 8th June 2016

    Well, its really kicking off this morning on 6m with more Es over a wide swath of Europe and the Baltic.

    The 'big picture' view is that we have a broad zone of northwesterly winds at jet stream levels across this whole region of activity. The main region of disturbance is over the mountains of Norway, where a developing upper trough with a red region encloses an area of rapidly falling contours over the Baltic. This is likely to produce plentiful gravity wave activity.

    Purely subjectively, it also seems that a northwesterly upper level 300mb flow does seem to be a good direction for turbulence, especially over mountainous areas like the Alps so an area to watch later as the trough 'digs' farther south into eastern Europe. It also looks like it is the upper jet stream flow rather than thunderstorms; and this may put the advancing northwesterly flow as the reason for the Es I mentioned in yesterday's late-in-the-day posting after all.

    As the tidal tidal window of opportunity moves across it is quite possible that paths to the south into EA and CT could become available.

    There also several areas where the Atlantic direction has useful jet stream cores to aid paths across the pond later today once the tidal window has moved over.

    73 de Jim

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    They are great value, most amateurs own multiple for this reason. But if you really don't know what you're doing, a pair of FRS radios from the big box store may serve you better.

    That all said, once you learn how to operate them, get programming software and cables sorted out, etc. there are economies of scale and it's easy to add one more. Really no different from building AR-15s or other DIY type hobbies.

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