Inductive Power Transfer (IPT)

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  1. Cliff M6NRC

    Cliff M6NRC New Member

    I'm currently researching Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) i.e. inductive or wireless charging for electric vehicles [including buses] on behalf of the EMC committee.

    Based on the data that I've managed to source from different providers of ipt systems, the frequency of operation is in the range 20kHz to 60kHz for heavy duty applications (i.e. 50kW to 150kW) and 85kHz for light duty applications [including automotive].

    There are two significant works outlining research conducted by Professor J T Boys and Professor G A Covic - both of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Auckland. The first is Inductive Power Transfer (general overview) that provides the historical background of the technology together with technological issues and engineering applications of ipt. The second is IPT Fact Sheet Series: No. 2... that provides additional information concerning system quality factor (QL) and frequency of operation. Table 1 shows typical power levels [3.3kW through 22kW] @ 85kHz.

    Note: At 85kHz the 160m band would be approx. 22nd harmonic.

    I understand that there is an ISO publicly available specification (PAS) document - PAS 19363 "Electrically propelled road vehicles - Magnetic field wireless power transfer - safety and interoperability requirements" [] - currently in development and hence not yet available.

  2. Ken G3SDW

    Ken G3SDW Moderator

    So far Cliff what have you found to be the interference levels that have or could cause problems to other radio amateurs??

    Ken G3SDW
  3. Cliff M6NRC

    Cliff M6NRC New Member

    Afternoon Ken

    Publicly available data is currently limited in detail ranging from the aforementioned research and/or patent documentation to various marketing type brochures produced by the vehicle manufacturers; neither of which provide the detail that you/we seek. I know of a couple of trials that have started in the UK; including one in Milton Keynes where I work; and have tried to solicit additional information from the companies involved. However to date detail has not been forthcoming and I haven't been able to identify any test houses that have carried out independent assessments. If you do come across any I would be interested to hear from you and collate the data on behalf of the committee.

    Thanks, best 73 Cliff M6NRC
  4. Ken G3SDW

    Ken G3SDW Moderator

    I feel some foot work is needed, test house reports are all very well but the guy on the ground suffering, if that is the case is where the info` should come from, as you may have gathered i am a very practical bloke.

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