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    IARU Region-1 will hold its Interim Meeting on 26-28th April 2019. Topics will be considered by the three Region-1 committees:-
    • C4: HF
    • C5: VHF/UHF/Microwave
    • C7: EMC

    Note: The 15th January 2019 submission deadline for full propsoals has passed.

    The full set of papers are now available from and another thread has been created to accept commenst on these ahead of the April meeting
  2. 2e0hwx

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    Are there any plans to adopt ECC-Rec.(05)06 here in the UK ? It seems no progress has been made in this area. A guidance published by Ofcom in Oct 2018 (Amateur Radio Licence - guidance) states in section 2.35 that:

    Why not ? This means that holding an intermediate licence becomes absolutely worthless when leaving the UK, whereas other European 'novice' licence holders enjoy operating throughout Europe. The objectives of IARU Region 1 are amongst others "To strengthen the youth activities and to establish Youth Committees in all member societies." and "To strengthen the cooperation with relevant bodies within the EU and other International organisations."

    Youth enjoy travelling and residing in other countries, they do not always have time to attend and study for advanced licence exams in the UK. Please reconsider at the very least adopting the intermediate UK licence as a CEPT Novice Amateur Licence in ECC-Rec.(05)06

    Ofcom Amateur Radio Licence - guidance:
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    >Are there any plans to adopt ECC-Rec.(05)06 here in the UK ?
    I think you already have the answer from Ofcom - No.
    Behind that is the belief in 'progression'; that Intermediates already have a significant amount of privileges; and their recent clear request to harden the Intermediate exam syllabus so it is more commensurate with the current privileges.
    - REC0506 is not that widely implemented in CEPT compared to TR6101 for Full, so its not a great loss at present (esp as some countries accept specific UK licensee requests)

    What in some respects is more important in the scheme of things actually is the underpinning syllabus/exam aspect to help sustain/grow numbers...
    Many IARU (And EURAO) member socs have thus been paying more attention to the underpinning CEPT syllabus requirements and exam access/provision for all three levels - where they have a little more influence


    Murray G6JYB

    PS This wont be a Vienna topic - but will crop up in 2020 when the IARU Youth and C3-General committees meet
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    Thank you for responding.

    If ofcom is delaying the adoption of REC0506, I would hope rsgb is trying to advance it. Ofcom's 'belief in progression' is distorted. With the limited number of exam sessions available it is difficult to find any time to attend exams and progress.

    If this can't be a topic until 2020, is there any chance of it being adopted sooner without IARU meetings ?

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