Harmonisation of the HF Band Plans

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    A proposed paper to try and harmonise the HF band plans across all regions is attached. In the past, we've had some issues over incompatible HF band plans between regions, which we've been able to resolve to a certain extent between Regions 1 and 2, but it would be desirable to try and achieve this across all regions. The purpose of this paper is to build a framework between the regions to enable this.

    73 Ian G4FSU

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    WRT 10MHz (30m), it should be noted that in Region 3, the band in several of the countries is not restricted to just digital modes and Morse code but rather all modes are allowed. Discrimination in favour of any mode over another in an amateur band should be avoided if the mode is technically possible. I would hope that Region 3 would react against the implementation of the discrimitary restrictions that exist in regions 1 & 2 as regards modes to be used on 30m.
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