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Discussion in 'EMC Matters' started by Tim K, Feb 4, 2015.

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    We have a fairly small garden of about 12m x 20m and at present there is a BT phoneline to the neighbours running overhead at a fairly low level. This is getting in the way of antennas and having any kind of pole / tower that tilts and is a risk for interference in both directions. These are direct to exchange lines so there is no FTTC available but the exchange is only a few hundred meters away.

    As it happens, the lines to this neighbour, one other and ourselves will probably need to be moved as they are crossing over an old yard belonging to a coachworks that has just closed down. If I remember correctly, about 9 town houses are being built across the two plots. These will also need phone connection and there may not be enough spare capacity on the telegraph pole so I'm hoping that a cabinet is put in for fibre. The entire lane is going to be brought up to standard and adopted by the council so there is a possibility cabling could be done to the properties underground. This does leave the two neighbours without a connection if they only installed underground on the lane itself unless they brought wires up our house and across the garden again.

    I'm very keen to avoid any additional wires crossing the garden, particularly carrying FTTC services and would ideally like the existing one removed in the work. Has anyone had any experience of contacting Openreach to discuss this?

    I dont know what the exact plans will be as I have no contact with the new developers so I'm speculating a bit here but would like to make an approach early

    A map showing how things run at the moment is here:
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    Tim,don't really think that this is the correct forum for help on this question but one thing you mentioned is how to contact Openreach, the answer to that is you cannot talk to them at all, you need to go through BT and that is your biggest stumbling block.
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    It is also worth mentioning that since you are so close to the exchange you may be 'exchange only' with your phone direct to the exchange and not via a local cabinet. As I understand it FTTC is currently not available for such lines as it relies on there being a cabinet to install the FTTC hardware, though possible solutions are in the pipeline. An extra 9 lines is probably insufficient to justify fibre, FTTC cabinets normally handle 50-100 fibre connections.
    73 Dave G3YMC
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    David, as moderator of this forum i have the right to delete post that i do not feel appropriate, so i am sorry that you feel the way that you do with all the problems that you are going through of which i have fought your corner for quite some time now.

    So i will have to delete your last post here.

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    It may no be possible to do anything officially but if, when the openreach crew arrive on site to do the survey, there is
    already a duct in place with drawstring ready to pull in the cable will they ignore it?.
    My friend in Scotland did that when resurfacing his drive and now does not have flying drop cables.

  7. Richard Fusniak

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    That weblink is redundant. Try this:

    What are flying wires?
    Under certain circumstances, we’re allowed to "fly wires" over an adjacent property from an existing pole without the need for a wayleave. This permission only applies providing we don’t need to enter the property concerned to do so, that the wires are at a height of 3m or more, and that they don’t interfere with the normal business on the property.

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