EU RBN file from RSGB Eclipse QSO Party now available

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    The Reverse Beacon Network (RBN) file from the RSGB Eclipse QSO Party on Friday 20th March 2014 is now available (582kb).

    This has been prepared from the entire worldwide RBN file to just include EU skimmers on 160, 80 and 40m from 0800-1200Z on Friday.

    The reason for this is simple - it makes it far easier to manage in Excel and similar programs such as and LibreOffice. The full file is liable to crash a lot of computers and contains data that is superfluous for the experiment, although you can always download it yourself at:

    So what can you do with the RBN? By importing the attached file into your program you can use the "Filter" command to look at specific paths on any of the three bands. Note - the server won't allow ".csv" files to be attached so you will have to rename this to ".csv" after you download it.

    For example, what about 160m CW CQs received at G3BJ from G8DX between 0800-1200Z?

    Using the filter, that gives us the following graph.

    Be careful though. For example, we could conclude that propagation only existed between 09:23-09:41 (when G8DX was spotted), but G8DX may not have transmitted outside of these logged spots.

    Nevertheless, this is a useful tool for further analysis of EU activity during the QSO Party. Feel free to download the attached file and play with it yourself.

    Steve G0KYA
    Chairman, RSGB Propagation Studies Committee

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