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    It is so sad to to see our spectrum regulator in the UK 'Ofcom' turn a blind eye to rf pollution. It is bad enough they ignore inadequate filtering of on switch mode power supplies that clearly exceed any emc regulations, but when it comes to VDSL(fibre broadband/multicastTV to the cabinet and HF to the premises) from the overhead twisted pair wiring, spewing out its garbage, Ofcom are bending over backwards to play down this problem.The RSGB reported 10 of the worse cases to Ofcom and they decided to investigate 3 of them and found no case to answer.Ofcom's critea seems to be if you can hear 'anything', then it is not undue interference. In one of the cases they found that the Amateur Radio station antenna was in the near field of the open reach drop wire(is there a choice !) and in another case a 25db increase in noise from the major polluter of the HF spectrum, OPENREACH was not undue interference because they heard a 'distant station on the frequency.In over half a century of involvement with amateur radio I have no hesitation in declaring that 'Ofcom' are incompetent and worse !!!! It makes me so angry, stressed, depressed and I know only to well that people have it much worse than I do. To see people that have been active for decades just give up because of this pollution of the HF spectrum and say "you can't fight big business" is real sad. I am not going to rest till I sort this problem. If this pollution continues I am prepared to reciprocate like for like to Openreach and if I lose my license in the process then so be it.
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    Dave we understand your frustration.

    The main problem that prevents action is the small number of reports received. Ofcom just say its not a problem if it only affects 130 amateurs.
    EMCC propose to ask all members to complete a survey to find out the current number and extent of VDSL interference. Amateurs will need to write down signal levels at the VDSL upstream/downstream transitions measuring 100kHz below, at the transition frequency and 100kHz above. This will show the relative levels in the various VDSL bands and in the transitions. We will also ask them to report how far they are from drop wires and cabinet, what antenna and receiver they are using and what the impact is on each of the amateur bands. Also whether they see retraining carriers and is so on which bands.

    WE COULD SET THIS UP ON SURVEY MONKEY IF PEOPLE WOULD COMPLETE IT. That would require answers to less than 30 questions. It might take 30 minutes to take the measurements using your own receiver
    We would need answers from people irregardless of whether they think they have a problem or not.
    We would use survey monkey to automate the analysis of the results . We would need those who have reported before to do so again using the new method to give a consistent and up to date picture.

    How Many of You would do this?

    If we don't get enough completed forms to change Ofcom's views I am at a loss as to what we can do next.

    Are there any volunteers to help analyse the results?

    John M0JAV
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    I'd guess the answer to the first of those would depend on:
    • How complicated the measurement process is, and how long it takes.
    • How widely the request for measurements gets circulated. This forum alone is not going to reach enough people.
    • How easy it is for the results to be returned. Not everyone has access to the Net, so it might be useful to have a way for one individual to collect readings from a number of locations and submit them as a batch.
    I'm willing to try to help with analysing the results, but I suspect you might need folk with a deeper knowledge of statistics...

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