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Discussion in 'EMC Matters' started by G3YRZ, Feb 29, 2016.

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    Perhaps we should know what goes on behind the scenes, then maybe we'd understand better what you are up against. Although I can well imagine.

    This is NOT an attack on EMC committee or its members, you do a sterling job. But that's technical and assistance. You need expertise in getting Ofcom to act on enforcement from a different direction.

    Otherwise, they'll just trot out all this blurb they've come up with to avoid the issues. We need to cut through all that claptrap and find someone who can kick them into gear from on high.

    If anyone knows someone in high places, now is the time to call in favours.

    Bob G8HGN
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    I understand what you are saying, thats all very well but if you feel that we are doing it wrong then as i said in my previous post then join us and step up too the mark, get involved.

    You have the right to be able to express your opinion but if you are not prepared to put your words into actions then, I will leave you to fill in the rest

    Sorry but i am known to say it as it is.
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    I'm sorry too, that unfortunately, I'm not equipped with the skills to do what I'm suggesting. Henry Ford didn't know how to make cars, but he gathered around him those that could help him achieve his goal.

    This thread started in February 2016, we are now May 2018. Nothing has changed in Ofcom's attitude using "polite" tactics. The problem was going on prior to that.

    The RSGB board need to rethink this. That's not detracting from the EMC committee, just you are coming up against a brick wall that needs a different way of knocking down.

    I've suggested a different approach. If that's not acceptable then fine, I'll not post anything more.


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