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    The RSGB Forums team welcomes you to the discussion!
    The current consultation on IARU Matters is for the Region-1 General Conference that will be in Varna, Bulgaria in September 2014. This forum is specifically for General topics only, which fall within the remit of the Region-1 C3 Committee.

    Overall, the Litmus Process, covers three stages:-
    1. Call for papers (ie to suggest/outline key topics )
    2. Review Draft UK Papers prior to submission (February/March 2014)
    3. Review of All Submissions including from other countries (Summer 2014)
    We have now completed Stage-2 (review of UK drafts)

    Brief outlines of topics are welcome, but please do consider that if taken forward, they will need to be in plain English and follow the format of:-
    • Introduction
    • Background
    • Key points/proposal/justification
    • Recommendations (ie the precise wording that will be endorsed for implementation)

    Initial suggestions for topics can include:-
    Working Groups on EMC, Youth Development etc, General Operating Practice, Heritage, QSL System etc

    Frequency specific topics (eg band plans etc) should be raised in the C4 forum for HF matters, or the C5 forum for VHF/Microwave Matters.

    Participation is open to any UK Amateur.
    All are reminded of the forum rules
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  2. G3WKL

    G3WKL Administrator

    Some preparatory work has been in hand on proposals for the C3 Committee and the Board has already considered two papers. It is not proposed at this stage to publish these papers, as that could prejudice our success in their ultimate acceptance. However, we are keen to receive comments on the outline proposals below:

    Sharing copyright material: During 2013 it was clear that there were mixed views between some IARU Region 1 member societies on whether or not there existed an agreement to share published content, either in the printed or digital form, without a request on each occasion to the copyright owner. Whilst the Society wishes to encourage the sharing of published content, as this is something upon which the development of amateur radio relies, it considers that the RSGB should retain the right to manage its intellectual property and so should retain the right to make a decision based upon the merits of each case.

    The issue was raised by us at the Region 1 Interim Meeting last year and it was decided by the meeting that it should be deferred to this year’s General Conference. Thus, we are proposing to present our proposals to the full Conference.

    QSL Policy revision: The national QSL Bureau service is rightly seen as one of the important benefits members gain from being a member of their national IARU society. It is vital therefore that all IARU societies strive to run the most efficient QSL service they can in the face of rising demand, increasing costs and limited volunteer resources. The RSGB proposal therefore makes a number of recommendations that include themes mentioned by Tim Beaumont, M0URX, in his article on “Responsible QSLing”, published in the November 2013 edition of RadCom.

    73 John, G3WKL
    Member, RSGB IARU Committee
  3. G0JKZ

    G0JKZ New Member

    so, as members we are not allowed to see what has been decided on behalf of the members and that the society is pushing a certain view without consultation again..... hmmm... its only the members society after all...

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  4. G3WKL

    G3WKL Administrator

    We do plan to share the drafts of the two papers, as with other papers for the General Conference, but not at this stage. We don't want to give other national societies an advantage too far in advance of the deadline for papers to see precisely what we are saying. For now we would like to see feedback on the outlines, which can then be taken into account with the final draft of the two papers.

    So we do want to consult on these issues.

    73 John, G3WKL
    RSGB IARU Committee member
  5. G0JKZ

    G0JKZ New Member

    now i'm confused... what advantages could radio amateurs from another country get because of an rsgb request? Or are you saying other national societies will reject the proposals of the rsgb gods have unanimously decided on behalf of the members that 'will be a good thing' If there is to be consultation, it needs to happen before the conference so that the delegates take the MEMBERS VIEWS, not just the ones of the self elected gods who think they 'know what's best' for the rest of us.
  6. G0JKZ

    G0JKZ New Member

    ok, please give us the outlines so we can discuss them...
  7. g6jyb

    g6jyb Moderator Staff Member

    >ok, please give us the outlines so we can discuss them...
    Hi the two outlines are in Post-2 where it has the Copyright and QSL paras

    best regards

    Murray G6JYB
  8. G3WKL

    G3WKL Administrator

    The outlines are in posting #2.

    Referring to the copyright matter, the issue of copyright was raised by the Danish national society, EDR, at the IARU Region 1 Interim Meeting in April 2013. The EDR paper can be seen at http://rsgb.org/main/files/2013/03/VIE13-C4-Papers.pdf

    The Interim meeting decided that it would be referred to this year's General Conference.

    The RSGB initial view is that the EDR position is based upon an incorrect understanding of earlier IARU Region 1 recommendations, and that it is in our members' interests to take a view each time something for which the RSGB owns copyright is requested to be re-published by another Region 1 national society. Our practice is generally to agree to requests for re-publication and this is unlikely to change; the issue is more a matter of principle than practice. The copyright content of our periodicals and publications is an asset of the Society and needs to be properly managed, rather than just signed away.

    As is stated in posting #1 the final draft papers will be shared at stage 2, which is prior to submission, so there will be a chance to comment before the Society submits the final drafts to the IARU.

    73 John, G3WKL
    RSGB IARU Committee, member
  9. G0JKZ

    G0JKZ New Member

    the quotes are there, but there are no outlines of the rsgb view. how can we give a reasoned discussion if we don't know how are self serving masters are planning to approach the subject?

    as in the second thing to discuss..
    .. how can we discuss proposals that have been made when we don't know all the proposals?
  10. G3WKL

    G3WKL Administrator

    Sorry I couldn't comment last evening, but was out until late.

    We've decided to bring forward publishing the drafts so that people can comment now. Hopefully, this will be done today sometime. This consultation approach is being used for the first time for an IARU conference, as previously we published our proposals after their submission to IARU. That wasn't very effective consultation, although we have withdrawn proposals or in other cases modified our approach based upon feedback. We hope that this process, where we encourage early discussion on what we might raise as well as input to policy items that come from committees and others within the Society will be more useful and effective. The copyright and QSL issues were both early work that pre-dated the setting up of this consultation process, so the drafts got slightly ahead of the planned process.

    73 John, G3WKL
    RSGB IARU Committee, member
  11. G0JKZ

    G0JKZ New Member

    With regards the copyright proposal, I agree with the society... keep the intellectual property rights. that one is really a no brainer.

    I can't comment on the qsl matters without seeing the proposals.
  12. G3WKL

    G3WKL Administrator

    Can I suggest that we continue (or start :)) discussion on these two topics on their separate threads?

    73 John, G3WKL
  13. g6jyb

    g6jyb Moderator Staff Member

    Now you can all see those two drafts, its worth mentioning that the only other C3-related suggestion we have recently had is...

    "We think IARU-R1 should set up an archive on their website of past Conference decisions (which may involve having to scan pre-internet age material)."
    - at present I dont think you will find much online prior to the 2005 Region-1 Conference in Davos

    This suggestion was prompted by a struggle to track down some of the background for that Copyright issue. Hopefully not too controversial an idea.

    Remember at this point you are free to propose relevant topics (as opposed to waiting for detailed drafts)


    Murray G6JYB
    RSGB IARU Committee, member
  14. LondonHam

    LondonHam New Member

    I'm not saying I want to start a new thread but how can you with no "new topic" button or a section to put it in? What if I want to talk about something that isn't VHF/UHF/QSL related? Putting it in the 'general' section will quickly become a mess if everyone does it.
  15. g6jyb

    g6jyb Moderator Staff Member

    Dont worry - Just go ahead and post and if it gets busy our admin will restructure to a dedicated thread (which is how we moved the QSL and copyright ones off )

    - Murray G6JYB
  16. LondonHam

    LondonHam New Member

    Sorry, I don't understand. I cannot see a way of starting a new thread. Are you saying that if I want to start a new thread I have to post what I want to say here, attached to this thread and then you may create a new thread with what I've written? What about a title?

    I'm finding this all very confusing.

    Maybe I'll just hang around until I can see how it works or work out what I need to do. I does seem to be very complicated though but maybe I'm missing something very simple!

  17. g6jyb

    g6jyb Moderator Staff Member

    It very simple (and a little different to a general reflector/forum) - its currently set up so only mods/admins can start/manipulate the threads as we need to control the flow/structure for the consultation process (and had a lot of spammers on the old phpBB system). Dont worry about it - just post the idea/topic here for now - simple! -Murray G6JYB
  18. g6jyb

    g6jyb Moderator Staff Member

    What we expect to be the final draft paper from us under the C3 General Theme is attached below. It requests that an easily accessible archive of past Conference proceedings be created (as well as collating current recommendations)

    This was partly prompted by having to trawl old records for the C3 Copyright Paper, but we believe the proposal is of wider value.
    Comments preferred by March-7 please (and that timing applies to the other C3 papers)


    Murray G6JYB

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  19. g6jyb

    g6jyb Moderator Staff Member

    The current consultation is now closed. Thanks for the suggestions and feedback - All C3 papers have now been finalised and submitted - Murray G6JYB
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