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    Welcome to the Band Planning thread
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    Band planning is a topic that needs agreement and cooperation both within the IARU regions and also across the, especially at HF. This thread is specifically to discuss any band planning issues that might need to be addressed. In recent years, focus has been on trying to align band plans across the regions. As an example, the 40m band plan is now aligned between Region 1 and Region 2 with data modes segments starting at 7040kHz, and CW exclusive below. The introduction of contest-free segments in parts of the bands has also been introduced.

    Some issues which have cropped up recently:

    1. Extending the 6kHz All Modes segment of 10 metres down to 29.0MHz. There is existing AM activity in the 29.0-29.1MHz range, and although AM is allowed by exception in the 2.7kHz All Modes segment, there seems no reason not to allow wider bandwidth modes here if there is interest.

    2. There are some inconsistencies in data modes segments across regions. How important is this? Is it acceptable for a DX QSO across regions to occur on a frequency which may be outside the band plan of one region, but not the other?

    3. In large contests, band planning often disappears. This is seen as normal by contesters and unacceptable by non-contesters. Is there a case for 'dynamic band planning', based on activity? Could it be made to work?
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    G3XBM COMMENT: As a 10m AM user I fully agree with point (1). 10m AM is from 29 to 29.2MHz and most AM (5-6kHz bandwidth) seems to be 29 to 29.1MHz. It makes sense to keep the top 0.7MHz for wide band modes such as AM and FM. I would prefer if AM was specifically mentioned as the IARU band plan writers seem to think 10m AM is dead: listening in a band opening 29 -29.2MHz will reveal LOTS of 10m AM in this slot. I really don't want a bun-fight, just think 10m AM needs its rightful home better represented. No comments on (2) and (3). I am a believer in band plans but they DO have to reflect real life. Currently the 10m band plan above 29MHz feels wrong wrt AM. Very best 73s and thanks for the chance to make a comment. Roger G3XBM
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    I've had trouble trying to convince my local "hams" that I've made AM QSOs on 29mhz...usually get "really,are you sure? thats the FM allocation etc"
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    100% agree with you Ian ^^^^

    I have to confess though, that i thought AM was virtualy dead on the ham bands, except 160mtrs. I would love for there to be a better , set out allocation on all bands (where bandwith allows of course). in cases where, on the band plan, 'all modes' is allowed, it isn't very well explained. I do think there is a very strong case to plug AM use, as i'm always being reminded by some of my elder enthusiasts " it was all the rage back in the day" hi hi, and being asked "where is AM being used" by our newcomers to the hobby.


    Daz M0TTY, Exam sec. for Worksop A.R.S.
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    I have attached a proposed paper to modify the 29MHz segment of the band plan following this discussion. Please feel free to continue the discussion.

    73 Ian G4FSU

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