80 meter QRM.G3LEO.

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    SInce moving QTH 4 months ago I have been experiencing continuous interference on 80 meters 24/7.It is pulsed RFI between 3.570mnz and 3.690mhz at a repetion rate of 2 per second with a maximum magnitude at 3.620mhz which is 6s points above the 3s point background noise level.
    It is not present on any of the other HF bands though it is also audible at about 3.450mhz narrow band.Also there is an increase in background noise level from 3.80mhz upwards again of 6s points above the 3s point background.
    My QTH is one of 5 on a small estate each of which is fed with a seperate overhead phone line about 100 yards long from the same pole which is fed fron an underground cable at least a mile long.When I walk under the phone lines with a battery portable tuned to 3.620mhz the the interferance can de heard clearly.
    I am most concerned with the pulsed rfi centred on 3.620mhz.and wonder if anyone else has come accross it and has any thoughts as to the cause.
    My station is a Trio 830s and a G5RV located in a small village in North Yorkshire.
    Hears hoping! Gerald Brigham, G3LEO.

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