2 metre interference

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    Whatever it is and you are about right then if it was in limits you would not be hearing it.

    Whether the Tech bloke gave you the spec` then do they assume that that is OK, surely on paper maybe, but do they not consider that it could be faulty, again they assume that as it is working then thats OK, think again Mr Tech guy.

    Ofcom normally are quick once they have accepted the case, they then pass it to there guy who covers your area and not sure who that is, but he will contact you when he knows when he is able to come and see you, i do know that all over the country they are having lots of problems with 4G which maybe the problem here, so now you need to wait until the new year and if you hear nothing then get back in contact and ask them what is going on, quoting the case number of course.

    Have a good Christmas Andy and happy new year to you and yours.
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    Update, and success!

    I had a visit from 2 OFCOM guys on Wednesday, at 15.30 hrs.
    After initial chat, they asked to have a look at my equipment, and if I could demonstrate the problem.
    They then brought in some of their equipment, an AOR wideband Rx and handheld spectrum analyser. Having done some calculations, he reckoned it was 350khz wide, but that was at time of testing.
    One thing he suggested was that on AM it was less interference, and asked if I could use that mode......my answer was Ancient Modulation is never used on 2 metres, which was met with a chuckle.

    After a bit we all went for a walk around, up and down the road. It was at this point that he suggested he mayneed a directional antenna, and the bean counters may not approve a second visit, as I could use part of the band......like below 144.3 and above 145.800. So great if I want to do SSB or talk to a satellite.

    At the rear of the petrol station is a car yard, and luckily the bloke who owns it was present. I sort of know him, nodding acquaintances, and out of courtesy explained that there were two blokes walking round with hand held gear, and explained why.
    The interference got stronger closer to his office, and after turning things off, water heater, battery chargers etc, we went in to a back office, where the noise went ballistic.
    Did the same again, and when one particular plug was pulled, the noise died.
    It was a switch mode PSU, that was still powered up, but feeding a redundant CCTV system, that was turned off, and no monitor fitted. He had upgraded his cameras to a new system, and just forgot to get rid of the old system, for 30 months!
    OFCOM took details of the system, for their records. The guy was offered filtering, but declined as he doesn't use the CCTV any more, and I am now a happy amateur who can use 2 metres without splatter.

    OFCOM were completely professional, freindly and sorted the issue.
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    Great news Andy, just goes to show if you stick at it then that pays profits, so well done on that.

    Once you have got through all the hoop that Ofcom put in the way then the guys in the field are generally great, most go the extra mile and in your case they certainly did.

    I only wish others would follow your example that you have set here as all to often they fall at the first hurdle and do not want to help them selves.

    I have even had said to me that they thought that the society had a band of amateurs just waiting to be dispatched to any where in the UK to do all the leg work for them, and thats not a joke its true.

    So congratulations to a very happy amateur.
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